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Enhance guest experience and increase revenue

With SMS and ticketless valet, “SMS Cloud Valet” gives you the tools to track valet metrics, grow your revenue, and impress your guests
No Ticket Skimming
Apps Needed
Compatible with Android and IOS Devices (Smartphones and Tablets)
“SMS Cloud Valet” takes your Valet to the digital level.
Check-in at the stand is as easy as 3 steps:
  1. Check-In
  2. At check-in, your guests receive a Welcome Text on their phones.
  3. Request
  4. Guests request their vehicles effortlessly by clicking the link provided in the text message and will find their vehicle waiting by the valet stand.
  5. Online Payment and Receipts
  6. With the convenience of paying online comes receiving your receipt via SMS which keeps the operation paperless and hassle-free.
Valet Guests
Simple for operators to use
“SMS Cloud Valet” is user-friendly. Instead of using cash, customers pay for valet parking with their phones and bank cards.

Simple for guests to use
“SMS Cloud Valet” is so simple for guests to use, it will change the way they valet. Upon arrival, a valet asks the guest for a mobile number. Then “SMS Cloud Valet” sends a Welcome Text to the guest with a link for requesting their vehicle. The only thing a guest has to do when ready for their vehicle is click the link and follow the on-screen instructions.
Valet Operators
Automated technology
“SMS Cloud Valet” uses simple automated steps for valet operators.
Upon guest arrival, the valet asks the guest for their mobile number and receives the vehicle keys. “SMS Cloud Valet” sends a Welcome Text to the guest with instructions for requesting their vehicle; in the meantime the valet is parking the vehicle.
Additional Services
Once the vehicle has been dropped off to the valet the guest can request additional services to be carried out on their vehicle such as: tire pressure check and vehicle wash...etc.
Request Vehicle
When it’s time to depart, the guest uses the linki wheich they have received to request their vehicle from the valet. The valet immediately receives a "Requested" notification on their device (Mobile or Tablet), the ticket status will remain "Requested" until the vehicle is delivered to the guest. The ticket status will then show as “Delivered”.
Once the guests has requested their vehicle they can use the same link to process payment.
Since this solution encourages a ticketless and cashless approach, the option for accepting several payment methods is still available such as: Card Payment, Cash, Promo Code, Supervisor Discount...etc. Throughout the operations each ticket will have several statuses along the way such as "Dropped", "Requested", "Prepared", "Delivered", "Closed" and "Archived". These statuses are changed automatically by the system depending on the operation and requests.

Online Reporting
“SMS Cloud Valet” lets you know how many vehicles are parked at each location at any time of the day. It can even track which employees parked and retrieved the vehicle. The platform includes online statistics to help you better manage operations. Reports can be accessed online anytime, from anywhere. There is even a mobile website that reveals real-time sales data at all sites.
Interested Industries
Turn the guest experience into a seamless process. Guests can request their vehicle in advance from their room, and hotels can integrate “SMS Cloud Valet” into their PMS and post guest valet charges directly to their folio.
Save the valuable time of guests and employees. Guests can request their vehicles in advance directly or via office receptionist, making “SMS Cloud Valet” perfect for meetings while easily billing valet usage to the correct client.
Make a stressful situation simpler for hospital guests. Guests can drop their vehicle off at the hospital entrance and use kiosks to expedite the vehicle request process.
Improve the experience of mall visitors.
“SMS Cloud Valet” can be integrated into loyalty programs to elevate the shopping experience. Cross-promote to guests based on their loyalty level and vehicle.
Add an element of luxury to the lives of residents. Permanent membership tags allow residents to seamlessly have their vehicle parked and retrieved with no ticket, while fully tracking their multiple vehicles.
Leave diners feeling completely satisfied with their experience. Restaurant employees can request vehicles in advance, avoiding unnecessary waiting time. Valet bills can also be added directly to their final bill.
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$0.15 / CHECK-IN
Transient Tickets
Suited for one-off or limited-time valet visits.
$0.10 + Bank Fees / TRANSACTION
Online Payments
Allow customer to pay from their mobile device.
No monthly minimums, only pay for what you use. Monthly billing will vary based on ticket usage. Cancel anytime.
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